Resources for your journey

We have compiled a small sampling of videos, articles, etc. that we think may benefit you.  As you begin this journey, you are sure to have many questions and may need to revisit these time and time again.  Please enjoy these as many times as you would like.  


Ketamine-Facilitated Psychotherapy for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

goop Magazine recently interviewed Will Siu, MD in a Question & Answer setting about Ketamine therapy. Will Siu, MD is a psychiatrist who practices in New York City utilizing Ketamine for certain patients. In this interview, Will Siu, MD answers many questions you may have while researching and looking into Ketamine Assisted Therapy. Click the image to read more and learn what it is like to have a Ketamine experience.



WIRED Magazine recently published an article about Ketamine and its effects in the lives of patients. The article describes a specific patient’s life-changing experience after decades of living with depression. Beyond a single patient, this article investigates scientist and physician perspective on the results and hope Ketamine is producing. Click on the image to read more.


Ketamine assisted psychotherapy (Kap) research

This article gives a look into the modern use of Ketamine by mental health care providers. Click on the image to learn more about recent research findings for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy within private practices.


A Holistic Approach to mental Health - Dr. Naveen Thomas

Here is a recent article by Dr. Thomas published in the February edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine. Click on the image for the full article.


The future of Psychiatry



Here is a great video on where we think the feild of psychiatry is headed.  This is a talk given by Janet Settle MD and it is well worth your time as you begin your journey to treating your causes, not just the symptoms. 


Dr. David Perlmutter

Dr. Perlmutter discusses what grain can do to us and how to begin to see food as medicine.


Exercise and your Microbiome

In this video Dr. Perlmutter shows us the link between our gut health and our exercise levels.


Dr. James Greenblatt on the treatment of ADHD

One of the best out there.  This is a great introduction to integrative mental health.  It is a great resource for you to refer back to often. 



Finally Focused by Dr. James Greenblatt

In the United States, 11% of children aged 4-17 (almost 7 million children) have been diagnosed with ADHD. Most of the diagnosed—about 70%—are never treated. ADHD is not a discipline problem. It is a medical condition that presents as a set of symptoms with a range of possible underlying causes unique to each child. It is a genetically-caused neurological disorder that can be controlled with brain-assisting drugs. But to really heal, your ADHD child needs individualized treatment to uncover and correct a unique pattern of deficiencies and excesses that affect the brain and trigger symptoms.

Written by an integrative psychiatrist who has treated thousands of ADHD cases, Finally Focused provides a comprehensive, individualized solution to your ADHD child’s unique biological imbalances. It is the first book to identify and resolve the real causes of your child’s ADHD. Finally Focused is about finally giving parents the assistance they need to help their child recover from this medical disorder and thrive.


Night Light Exposure

Great article on a simple thing we can all do to help our minds, reduce the light pollution in our lives!

We live in a very light polluted world in comparison to that of our very recent ancestors. Estimates now indicate that close to 99% of both Americans and Europeans are exposed to “light pollution.” ...

Click on the image for the full article.