Finding a fulfilled you


Clarity Integrative Psychiatry was founded with the principle that Psychiatry can be so much more than what it is now.  We can do better. We can move beyond just covering up symptoms and achieve profound life changes usually by getting to the root of problematic symptoms.

People generally come to a conventional psychiatrist and describe their symptoms. The psychiatrist will then usually make a diagnosis with the DSM-5 and will then  prescribe psychiatric medications (often indefinitely) to decrease these symptoms.   This approach is not necessarily a bad thing and can greatly reduce suffering in many cases. 

However, this model has very significant limitations.  In many cases, just suppressing symptoms without addressing their root cause is a recipe for an  unfulfilled life and in some cases, an invitation for new problems, such as debilitating medication side effects.

Some of the possible root causes that may be underlying problematic symptoms include:  Imbalances in the gut environment, unresolved emotional trauma, nutritional imbalances, genetic vulnerability, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins, and chronic infections, to name a few.  This list can be admittedly overwhelming and often requires a team approach to address root causes meaningfully. 

When you come to Clarity Integrative, please bring the courage to think outside the box and try approaches that you may have never heard of.   Although we all want quick release from our suffering and discomfort, patience and perseverance are often necessary if we want to do the deeper, meaningful work of true healing.  The eventual payoff can be monumental. You may experience positive changes in areas of your life that you have not dreamed possible.

We want to stand beside you on your journey to well-being.  Are your ready to feel more fully alive? Are you ready for some Clarity?